PULSE trekking poles with elongated handle


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Trekking poles for use in tourism and mountaineering purposed to facilitate walking along the terrain.

Trekking poles help to distribute the load properly between legs and shoulders on horizontal areas of the distance and during. They are also helpful during long descents as they help to reduce the load experienced by the knees of a user, avoid overloads and risk of joint injure. If a user carries heavy equipment in a back-pack, the trekking poles allow for keeping the balance while passing different terrains – rockslides, mountain trails, etc.


  • triplex trekking poles
  • length is adjusted with the special buckle
  • elongated rubber handle
  • leash for more comfort
  • tips are made of tungsten-carbide
  • may be used for installing tents
  • length: 60-135 cm
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