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PYTHON tackle system is used to set up ropes horizontally and to haul up equipment or a person on a short distance. PYTHON can be used to haul up equipment if its total weight is no more than 300 kg.

The device is aimed to set up Tyrolean traverses and to organize evacuation system in rescue situations. If a fall happens, the construction of tackle system allows to release a victim from suspension so that to take the load off a fall arrest system to lower the victim.

Special mechanism fixes the attachment point so that to prevent involuntary elongation of the system.

Protection pouch prevents ropes from twisting and helps to keep a system ready to use.

PYTHON tackle system is composed of two double pulleys, 9 mm rope, Prusik friction hitch made of 6 mm cord, two duralumin carabiners and a pouch.

Working length: 43 cm.

Weight: 784 g.

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