aA22 Enrg non-adjustable double webbing lanyard with fall absorber


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ТР ТС 019/2011
ГОСТ Р ЕН 355-2008
ГОСТ ЕN 354-2019

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vnt aA22 Enrg

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The lanyard is used in fall arrest systems. aA22 Enrg is designed to dissipate the load experienced by a user during the fall and thus provide maximum safety during work at height. The device may also be used as restraint or work positioning lanyard.

Consctruction of the lanyard, composed of two arms, provide permanent belay when moving along the metal structures.

Intermediate tie-back rings on the lanyard is ideally suitable for connection to large structures.

Its adjustment system allows setting optimal length depending on the distance between an anchor point and dangerous zone.

Construction includes energy absorber.

Sewn terminations of webbing lanyard are additionally protected by plastic sheath that allows for simpler visual inspection.

Construction of the lanyard includes two STEEL MOUNTING MINI  and two STEEL MOUNTING carabiners.

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