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The rope lanyard allows the user to connect to a belay point, to fix themselves at a station, for vertical progression, etc. It is strictly prohibited to set up the rope lanyard in the position that supposes big fall factor, as it can lead to station damage or even destruction.

Rope lanyard can also be used during works at height to limit the work zone and keep the user from entering the dangerous zone. It can also be used in work positioning systems. When used with ABS fall absorber, the rope lanyard may be included into fall arrest systems. In this case, the maximum common length of connectors in the fall arrest system should not be more than 2 meters.

The rope lanyard is attached to a seat or a fall arrest harness with locking screw gate carabiner.

The rope lanyard is made of polyamide rope of 10-11 mm diameter.

Plastic sheath in the end of the rope lanyard protects the rope itself and its seams from damaging.

Available in different lengths: 50, 75, 100, 150 cm.

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