K11y fire-resistant adjustable lanyard


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ТР ТС 019/2011
ГОСТ Р ЕН 358-2008
ГОСТ ЕN 354-2019

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vnt К11у

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The lanyard is ideally suited for electric gas welding operations, or other operations that require being close next to the open fire.

Attention! This device cannot be used for firefighting or for rescue operations when fire hazard is presented.

The lanyard is used to limit the work zone, keeping the worker from entering an area that may present a risk of falling. The lanyard may also be used in work positioning systems.

Should be used with harnesses for restraint and work positioning.

When used in fall arrest systems, it must be supplemented by energy absorber.

The lanyard is made of fire-resistant aramid fiber rope.

Its rope adjuster allows for simple and precise length adjustment for comfortable positioning at a work station.

Sewn terminations of rope lanyard are additionally protected by plastic sheath that allows for simpler visual inspection.

Construction of the lanyard includes one STEEL MOUNTING MINI carabiner for attaching to harness and a rope adjuster with a carabiner. 

Length: 90 - 200 cm.

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