VENTO is a leading Russian manufacturer of fall protection equipment.

The company was founded in 1990 and was originally engaged in the development and production of equipment for outdoor activities related to mountains: mountaineering, mountaineering, etc. In parallel, we carried out orders for rescue and special units. In 2008, a separate large direction was formed - industrial PPE from falling from a height.

Over the 29 years since the founding of the company, we have become not only experts in the design and manufacture of high-rise PPE, but also recognized experts in the field of ensuring the safety of high-altitude work. VENTO develops and mass-produces hundreds of items designed to make people stay at a height more secure.

We are not without reason proud of what has been done over the years. Our products save lives in the most remote corners of Russia and even beyond its borders.

The existing team of VENTO professionals is ready to help in any situation - for us there is nothing impossible! In our power, in the shortest possible time, we develop and manufacture fall protection equipment for objects of any complexity that satisfy the most stringent requirements of our customers.

The many years of experience allow VENTO to look ahead with confidence. We are constantly evolving and improving, keeping pace with the times. The VENTO production base is equipped with the most modern equipment so that our products always meet the high safety and ergonomic standards adopted by our company.

The VENTO design department not only constantly upgrades existing products, but also develops revolutionary new fall protection equipment designed to save people in the near future.

Our mission: ensuring the safety of man when he is at his best.

VENTO - we work for your safety!