Training center "ProfService" (Ufa)

Training center "ProfService" - a center for the training of industrial climbers, as an independent organization, exists since 2003.

The training center is one of the leading in the country in the field of training and education of industrial climbers and rescuers.

The teaching staff of the CA is a staff of highly qualified specialists who have undergone instructor training, certified world-class rescuers, disaster medicine doctors, experienced psychologists and labor protection specialists

Training center "Promalptsentr" (Irkutsk)

The Industrial Center (Irkutsk) is engaged in training, equipment and consulting activities in the field of high-altitude work (industrial mountaineering).

Since 2001, the Industrial Center has been training specialists under the state program "Industrial Climber" with the issuance of state-issued certificates.

The instructors of the Center are certified at the 40th Russian Center for Rescue Training of the Ministry of Emergencies (Noginsk) and the Training Center for Industrial Climbers and Rescuers ProfServis (Ufa).

Research Institute of Labor Protection (Ekaterinburg)

For about 30 years, the institute has been dealing with the problems associated with the use and certification of the most necessary and widespread personal protective equipment, such as head protection and fall protection, and does a lot to ensure that reliable and high-quality personal protective equipment enter the Russian market . The Institute has a testing center for testing the above personal protective equipment (PPE), equipped with modern equipment and instrument base.

Today it is practically the only testing center in Russia of this level. Up to 80% of all protective equipment for these two classes of PPE (hundreds of different types of PPE) produced in Russia and supplied to the Russian market from abroad are tested in this center.

UIAA (The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation)

UIAA unites men, women and even children who are related to mountain sports.

For a long time, the UIAA has been developing mountain safety requirements, as well as requirements for equipment used in mountaineering, rock climbing and ice climbing.

PPE Association

The Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Association) is a non-profit organization established on November 14, 2001 at a conference held as part of the V International Specialized Exhibition "Safety and Labor Protection" in 2001

The PPE Association develops and implements a number of projects related to labor protection, protecting a person from injuries at work.

The great merit of the organization is the desire to instill a culture of labor protection in Russia.

Mountaineering Federation of Russia

The Russian Mountaineering Federation is a public organization, a member of the UIAA since 1956 (successor to the Federation of the RSFSR).

Modern headlamps are heading for the development of sports mountaineering, climbing on natural terrain, ski mountaineering, ice climbing, freeriding.

In 2009, the FAR initiated the creation of the National School of Mountain Guides. Together with partners, holds annual mountain sports festivals.


The Tekhnoavia company was founded in 1992 and today is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of workwear and shoes, a distributor of global and Russian personal protective equipment brands. The company offers comprehensive solutions to provide workers with protective equipment.

Tekhnoavia has its own production base in Russia, including 8 sewing factories and 1 shoe factory, which annually produce 4.5 million garments and 850 thousand pairs of shoes.

Tekhnoavia has branches in 80 cities of Russia, representative offices abroad, is a member of the SIZ Association. Tekhnoavia is the Federal distributor of Vento Group of Companies.


One of the leaders in supplying enterprises with personal protective equipment, as well as workwear.

A wide network of offices and own stores allows you to quickly respond to customer needs.


The company "Equipment" was established in St. Petersburg in 1991. Over the years, the company has become one of the largest manufacturers of tourist equipment in Russia: backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, accessories.

Equipment stores offer a wide range of products for tourism, mountaineering, outdoor activities from leading manufacturers.
The wholesale department of the company organizes complex deliveries of a wide range of products throughout Russia.

A separate area is the supply of products for industrial mountaineering, work at heights, equipping enterprises with personal protective equipment against falls from a height.
The company "Equipment" is the official distributor of the Vento Group of Companies.

Group of companies "Specobyedinenie"

GC “Spetsoobedinenie” is a large commercial and industrial holding holding one of the leading positions in the segment of ensuring labor safety. The organization creates and sells protective clothing, as well as personal protective equipment for any production and climatic conditions.

GC "Spetsobedinenie" appeared in 1998 in Barnaul. Today, the holding consists of 4 representative offices in Moscow, Barnaul, Novosibirsk and Krasnodar, as well as 2 factories located in Barnaul.
The organization is in the TOP 5 leading domestic players in the market of personal protective equipment.

Крымский центр подготовки верхолазов

Каждый третий несчастный случай связан с падением с высоты. Пренебрежение элементарными мерами безопасности, несоблюдение правил проведения работ на высоте, применение устаревших и несоответствующих СИЗ, неквалифицированные спасработы, все это приводит к тяжелейшим травмам и летальным исходам.

Именно поэтому основная задача Крымского центра подготовки верхолазов — обучение безопасным методам и приемам работ на высоте.


Группа компаний под брендом "СИЗКОНТРАКТ", работающих в сегменте комплексных поставок СИЗ и сервисных услуг в области организации безопасной работы персонала на высоте.
Деятельность компании связана с оптовыми поставками продукции, обучением, разработкой систем безопасности для работы на высоте, проектированием и монтажом стационарных анкерных линий, их обслуживанием.
Является официальным дистрибьютором компании Венто на территории Российской Федерации и Республики Казахстан. Имеет аккредитацию на монтаж, обслуживание и проверку стационарных систем безопасности марки Венто Про.

InterSafety — первый маркетплейс средств защиты в России

InterSafety — первый маркетплейс средств защиты в России. Процесс продажи, приобретения и доставки мы делаем удобным, быстрым и выгодным для всех, максимально сокращая дистанцию между покупателем и производителем.